Antarctic Tourism

Emperor Penguin and humans

When I tell people at home about what I do I often get questions whether it is good to bring tourists to such a fragile place as Antarctica. If we don’t have a too large impact on this pristine place. In my opinion it is a good thing to bring people here to see those places. When you show people an area and tell them about its nature and possible threats people will start to care more for these areas. You first need to create awareness before people will start to think of conservation.

But of course we will have an impact on nature. But we try to minimise that impact as much as possible. IAATO makes guidelines for specific sites and how to approach wildlife in order to minimise this impact and of course all the guides love these places with its wildlife themselves, so we will definitely keep a good eye out for any signs of disturbance.

In this case the Emperor Penguin was completely at ease and had no problem with our presence. He kept on preening and cleaning its feathers by taking snow baths even though there were several zodiacs nearby.