By: Arjen Drost

Mar 24 2015

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Category: nature, Photography

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Focal Length:600mm
Shutter:1/400 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Total solar eclipse

No, of course not the brand of Mexican beer, but the outer layer of the sun. Normally invisible from the Earth as it is much less bright as the inner parts of the sun. Strangely enough it’s less bright but much hotter as the inner parts. The temperature at the surface of the sun is around 6000K, while the temperature of the corona can be up to 20 million Kelvin. Apart from the corona (the white layer around the Moon in this picture) also several solar prominences can be seen. Prominences¬†are large gaseous extensions from the sun, that can measure many thousands of kilometers. These are visible as the red parts at the edge of dark moon.


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