In search for Muskoxen

Focal Length:420mm
Shutter:1/200 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

A lone Muskox in a snowstorm

The next day the weather had changed. No sunshine anymore, but snow and wind. This was good as we wanted to capture the harsh conditions these animals had to live in. The way up was a lot harder as yesterday, but eventually we made it. Coming from the other side (with the sun in our back, if there would be one) we picked an even higher ridge as the day before. This time there were nine oxen waiting for us. Not doing a lot (as is usual with these animals) it was quite hard to take interesting pictures and movies. But after a while some started to feed and walk around a little (without seeming to be disturbed at all by us), so we had some different opportunities.

After a few hours we got really cold and decided to go back to our tent. As we were both really satisfied already with our pictures, we decided not to go back to the oxen the next day. A good choice as another photographer had made his way up and was less successful in approaching them undisturbedly… The way back turned out to be quite easy so we even had time for an unsuccessful search for Siberian Jays in Sweden.

All in all a really successful trip with nice pictures and a great first experience in winter camping for me.

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