In search for Muskoxen

Muskoxen at a distance

We parked the car at Kongsvoll Fjellstue and set off on the winter trail.  We now faced a steep climb a hill, nothing for skies, just walking and pulling the heavy sled.  This took us the better part of the morning and the beginning of the afternoon. Above the treeline we set op our camp and spent some time taking pictures of snow, trees and sunsets. The next day we spent all day searching for Muskoxen. The ones we found the day before appeared to be gone, but we found nine animals on another mountain. As the wind picked up, we decided to go back to our tent and move the camp the next day. This was quite easy as the animals were fairly close to the winter trail. Now we could see the Muskoxen from our tent, a little uphill on a ridge.

part III

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