Interaction – part I

Brown Skuas

Photography often is about being at the right time at the right place. Now people often call this luck, but this luck can be created by just spending a lot of time outside. If you do that, you will at one point get ‘lucky’ and see the special moment you’ve been looking for.

In this case there was a Brown Skua sitting in the snow and I had just grabbed my camera to take a high key image of one lonely skua in a white world when a second skua showed up. Suddenly the image I had in mind had disappeared as the skua wasn’t lonely anymore. But now the second skua started displaying and calling to the other. So I quickly placed myself in such a way that the skuas were not behind each other and started shooting away.

In this image you see one bird showing off to the other, who has a sort of submissive pose…


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