Snow Angels of the South – pt VI

Snow Petrels and iceberg

Two Snow Petrels flying around a big iceberg near the Antarctic Peninsula in nice evening light. Somehow these petrels are often attracted to bigger icebergs. They use them to rest and we often see them fly around them. For me a nice way to end my series of the Snow Petrels. For now at least, in a few weeks I’ll head back to Antarctica, maybe to take more Snow Petrel pictures…

This is also the last post for 2016. For me a year where I’ve spent more time in both Polar regions as I spent in the Netherlands, have taken thousands of pictures, had many memorable moments which I shared with you in nearly 170 blog posts. Until now over 5000 people have visited my blog for a total of almost 20.000 pageviews. Thank you all for coming on the journey with me. I hope to see you again the next year, hopefully with new pictures and nice stories.


2 comments on “Snow Angels of the South – pt VI”

  1. De beste wensen voor 2017 met veel geluk en een goede gezondheid.
    I am looking forward to your very nice pictures and fascinating stories.

  2. Stunning photo — thank you for sharing your journeys with us, Arjen.

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