Antarctic Tourism

Chinstrap Penguin as a model

Tourism on Antarcttica is well regulated. The expedition cruise operators work together in IAATO, the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators and they, together with the Antarctic Treaty, set the rules for tourism. There are guidelines on how to behave close to seals, penguins and whales and many places we land have site specific guidelines telling us to which places we can and which places we can’t go at a certain site. Also the maximum number of people ashore and ships per day are regulated this way. All this to minimise impact on the Antarctic wildlife and to ensure everybody can enjoy this very special part of the Earth.



3 comments on “Antarctic Tourism”

  1. Indeed not just numbers (of people) need to be regulated, but the amount of human handprint that is spread on Antarctica needs to be regulated too. It is the true last frontier. One that we (collectively as humankind) should embrace as co-owned by all 7+ billion people, and to be preserved for the billions of lives that will come after us.

  2. Beautiful! And thank you very much for noting IAATO’s work, Arjen! Amanda

  3. Dit is een fantastische foto in een schitterende omgeving. Zou ik ooit nog wel eens willen meemaken. The Nordics, a fantastic place.

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