By: Arjen Drost

Nov 20 2016

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Category: Birds, nature, Photography, Polar

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Grass Wren

For a birdwatcher seeing an endemic species is always something special. Birds that have a very restricted area and only live on a small island (or otherwise have a confined area) always attract birders. On the Falklands the Cobb’s Wren is such a bird. When we visit Carcass Island this is often one of the target species. However, there is also another species of wren that lives on the same island, the Grass (or Sedge) Wren. Last year a spent quite some time photographing these Cobb’s Wrens, this time I focussed more on Grass Wrens. I found these tiny birds in a field with a bit higher grass, mostly on the way to their nest. In this case I didn’t want to come that close, first of all to avoid disturbance, but secondly to emphasise the smallness of the bird.


One comment on “Wrens”

  1. Wrens are such adorable little busy birds.

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