Highlights I

Curious Walrus

Before heading off to Argentina to start my Antarctic season, it’s time to look back at what has been a great Arctic season.

One of the highlights were the Walruses at Sarstangen. A new haul out site for me, but a great one. Not easy to reach with large ships due to the shallow depth, but with the Noorderlicht we can get reasonably close. Somehow these Walruses are not shy at all and even very curious. During both visits I made the Walruses came really close to check out the strange visitors on the beach and also the ones hauling out were really active. Walruses may not be as charismatic and ‘cuddly’ as Polar Bears, but they are also true high Arctic specialists and it’s a really special experience to come this close to these creatures.

One comment on “Highlights I”

  1. How absolutely wonderful.

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