Low angle

Black Guillemots

I don’t think it can be repeated too often: try to get at eye-level with your subjects when making a picture. This makes you (and the viewer) part of the animals world and less of a outside observer. And it also creates a nice clean background that you otherwise wouldn’t get.

For this picture I was the only one completely laying down on the beach with my camera just a little above the water. The low clouds and water nearly had the same colour, creating a bit an atmospheric image.

3 comments on “Low angle”

  1. Awesome picture! But a really dedicated photographer would swim with them 😉

    • Haha, don’t think that would have gotten me a lower angle, this was on the beach with the camera just above the water.

      And do you know the temperature of the water over there?? 😉

      • Yes, I know the temperature. That’s why you should take the photo, not me 😀

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