Iago Sparrow

Now, let’s be honest, who really looks at sparrows? They’re everywhere where humans are, trying to grab some crumbs when you’re eating something on a terrace or nesting (hopefully) under your rooftops. But really look at them? No, me neither…

Well, not on the Cape Verde islands. Here sparrows are something special, or at least something different. This makes that I’ve never spent this much time with looking at sparrows as the last two days. First there is the Spanish Sparrow a relative to the House Sparrow, but even better, the second species of sparrow on the island is the endemic Iago Sparrow. The latter is really common here, just like the sparrows at home, but to take a nice picture is quite difficult. Probably just like taking a good picture of a sparrow back home would be… After taking lots of pictures on garden fences, walls, barbed wire, this one turned out to be my favourite.

4 comments on “Sparrows”

  1. Sparrows are great!
    One of them even is my personal hero. He (it was a male sparrow) picked a spider right out of its net while I was pondering on how to get rid of it without calling police, fire rescue and several squad teams 🙂
    Super hero Sparrow solved the problem 🙂

  2. They’re underrated. Nice shot.

  3. I love sparrows. I used to feed them but now I have too many stray cats in the yard. I think they are wonderful though and believe they are brave and beautiful.

  4. Apart from house sparrow i have seen red headed one, yeah this 1 is diffrnt

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