Happy Earth Day

Playing Polar Bear brothers

Today is Earth Day, the day where many people think about (and hopefully make promises for or actually act t0) the preservation of our Earth, the only inhabitable planet we have… Today is also the day where many of our countries leaders will sign the Paris climate agreement, a first good step in the right direction.

For this post I thought back to our meeting with these two Polar Bear brothers in early September last year. They seemed quite happy, play fighting together and they were still on the shrinking pack ice. I wonder how they’re doing now. Most likely they will have split up and have gone their own ways. As they were still on the pack ice in September which was already far away from land, chances are they have managed to stay on it as it melted down even further. In that case they most likely had a good winter. In contrast to the ones who were already stuck on land. This winter there was very little ice around Spitsbergen, so most likely they had to spent all winter without their beloved pack ice. I wonder what the conditions will be like when I arrive on Spitsbergen this year… Maybe I’ll see those two guys again, let’s hope so!

2 comments on “Happy Earth Day”

  1. Give them my warmest regards if you see them again!

  2. Hopefully the common man also starts realizing that even the smallest contribution to saving the environment helps in the end. Great picture, would love to experience something like this myself.

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