Taking a ride

By: Arjen Drost

Feb 08 2016

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Category: nature, Photography, Polar, Scenery

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Focal Length:400mm
Shutter:1/1600 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Zodiac cruise on Antarctica

One of the better things of being a guide is driving zodiac. Having your own boat gives a sense of freedom. Being able to go your own way (with staying within sight of the others of course) and trying to And when you’re shuttling, you always have to go one way empty and if the conditions are good this means you can go nice and fast 😛 But also the moments when you’re surrounded by ice and you kill the engine to enjoy the crackling noise of the ice are really nice.

One of the nicest zodiac rides I had this Antarctic season what my first ride in darkness. We had just dropped off our guests in Grytviken, South Georgia and were making our way back to the ship. On the way to Grytviken our guests were constantly looking at the water to see bioluminescent plankton or bacteria in the water, which they managed to see now and then. On the way back I had a bit more time to have a look myself and indeed, the see around us was nicely lit up every now and then. Unfortunately we couldn’t show this to our guests on board, but it was still really nice to see.

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