Something beautiful

Lemaire Channel, Antarctic Peninsula

It’s good to write about different threats to the wonderful wildlife of places like Antarctica, like I did in this post. However, it’s also good to show the beauty of these places. One of the most spectacular places on the Antarctic Peninsula is the Lemaire Channel. A narrow passage between the mainland and Booth Island, often filled with ice. Sometimes the ice can even block the passage, but during my last trip of the past season, we finally managed to get through. And with this nice weather, it won’t get any better…

3 comments on “Something beautiful”

  1. I appreciate the work you do, reminding us of what we have and what we have to lose.

    • Thanks! This way I hope to give back little of what nature gives me… And share my experiences with people who don’t have the opportunity to visit these places.

      Thanks for the appreciation.


  2. I do love the pictures and seeing those places, believe me. Thank you.

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