Glacier cruising

By: Arjen Drost

Oct 11 2015

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Category: nature, Photography, Polar, Recreation, Scenery


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/125 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Zodiac cruise in Burgerbukta, Hornsund

One of the parts I like most as a guide are the zodiac cruises, especially the ones close to glaciers. It’s great fun to be in charge of your own little boat and cruise around in between icebergs enjoying the spectacular high Arctic scenery. Being in a zodiac gives you a nice low point of view that makes you really part of nature. Once in a while we stop the engine to listen to the crackling sounds the ice makes, and sometimes the big bangs of the glacier calving. The surrounding landscape is so impressive and big, that it’s good there are some more zodiacs around who can give some scale to the icebergs, glaciers and mountains. Definitely a place to feel yourself small…

2 comments on “Glacier cruising”

  1. Intrepid you, Arjen!! Such a rugged scene, so outrageously stunning and the scale as you point out is immense.

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