Recent work

By: Arjen Drost

Oct 21 2014

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Category: Movie, nature, Photography, Scenery


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/30 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
Time lapse

The past month’s I’ve mainly been posting pictures from my past Arctic season. I still have several to go, but of course I’m also doing things back home. The past months I’ve really started orientating on a new type of photography (for me at least): time lapse. This is a cross between photography and film. In the field I’m really taking separate pictures, at home I edit them as I would with normal pictures and then make a movie out of it.

Last weekend I spent some time making timelapses of the Dwingelderveld National Park. See here the result.

2 comments on “Recent work”

  1. These are amazing. It’s fascinating to watch the changes as the sun goes up or down and the night one is incredible. It’s hard to imagine all of the work that goes into getting time lapse photography.

    • In this case I think I spent 7 hours in the field taking the images and another 5? At the computer editing 😃

      Thanks for the comment.

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