NatuReview 2013

Polar Bear on top of the world

One highlight of the past year that cannot miss during my review of 2013 is the afternoon of July 24th. We spent six hours in the pack ice that afternoon and we had Polar Bears in sight for the time. In total we saw ten different bears and it was great to see all the differences in behaviour between them. Some were shy, others were determined to do their own thing, not being bothered by our presence, while others were really interested in our vessel and came really close. In the video below, you can see all these different behaviours.

5 comments on “NatuReview 2013”

  1. Amazing video! Just incredible stuff! Awesome post! You are a lucky man to be able to watch that! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Wow, great, that must have been such an amazing experience, hope theres more in store for 2014!
    All the best, Ron.

  3. It looks as though they were sniffing you out! What an amazing experience.

    • Yes, the first bear was definitely sniffing us out. Maybe she was smelling us, maybe the food the chefs were preparing, maybe just the ship…

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