NatuReview 2013

Brown Bear roaming the taiga

My next big trip was to Wild Brown Bear in Finland. I’d been to this place before and spent most of my time in the open area near a small pond. However, Brown Bears are mostly forest animals, so this time I wanted to spent more time in a forest hide. Disadvantages of this approach are that there is less light and less visibility because of the trees. We were quite lucky with the weather, so there was enough light and the bears showed nicely. This way I managed to get a more complete story of these magnificent animals of the taiga. I really like this picture as the bear just seems to roam the forest, unaware of us watching, just as they do all the time.


8 comments on “NatuReview 2013”

  1. Amazing shot. Your beautiful image does a wonderful job of capturing the bear in its natural state, unaffected by humans.

    • Thanks Mike, appreciated. That’s indeed the feeling I want to convey with this image.

      • It’s always a challenge with wildlife photography to get close enough to get a good shot, but ideally in a way that doesn’t affect the behavior of the subject. Unfortunately, the perfect balance is rarely achieved, but when it happens, as it did here, the results are almost magical.

  2. Truly wonderful. A bear just going about his day. A perfect picture. Thank you. Happy holiday.

  3. Mooie plaat, kleuren van de beer komen goed over in het groen.

  4. Mooi beeld zeg!
    Gr. Chris

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