After dinner nap

By: Arjen Drost

Sep 22 2013

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Category: mammals, nature, Photography, Polar


Focal Length:600mm
Shutter:1/400 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
Polar Bears

What do you do after a good meal? Have a nap, of course! Especially if you’re a Polar Bear and there is still food left. No need to continue searching for new food of course if there is still something around the corner. It is surprising however to see that they tolerate each other this close to the seal carcass. Normally they will either move on after they’ve had enough and leave the remaining parts for the gulls or less skilful bears, or sleep next to it, chasing away others as soon as they notice them. In this case hardly any fighting were going on, apparently they had plenty of food so they could share now.

2 comments on “After dinner nap”

  1. Mooi die knal rode kop zo en ook met reflectie.

  2. Amazing, and what a contrast, of the bloodstains on the pale fur, and with the icy backdrop. Thanks for posting.

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