Trying different things

By: Arjen Drost

Sep 07 2013

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Category: mammals, nature, Photography, Polar


Focal Length:15mm
Shutter:1/200 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Polar Bear

When you’re that close to a Polar Bear you first start to make close ups. But if it stays a little longer, you start to think about doing different things. Things like the mirror image in the previous post, but also things with different lenses, like wide-angle or even fish-eye. When I made some pictures of the pack ice with my fish-eye lens last year I got some remarks that it would have been even nicer if a bear would be in the picture. Well, easier said as done, as the bear should be really close to me to make that work. Well, this time it did work! A bear in its natural habitat on top of the world!


3 comments on “Trying different things”

  1. Feel a bit sorry for that bear, trying to survive on melting ice. But fantastic photography.

    • Well, this was quite a happy bear. Lots of ice around him with enough seals to feed on. Also quite a fat individual. So no problem here.

      Thanks for the compliment though.

  2. What a great shot! The fish eye lens gives a unique perspective on the scene and serves as a good reminder to “work” a scene by trying different lenses and angles.

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