Spider Plant and Moss Campion

Even though there isn’t much plant life, I’m always fascinated with it. It’s really nice to see how these little plants can survive and even reproduce, despite the growing season of only 30 days… To be able to do this, they have all kinds of adaptations. In this picture you see at least two of them. First the green “dome” of the Moss Campion. They form cussions which increases the temperature of the plant a bit, making it a bit easier to live in this harsh place. The Spider Plant has another adaptation to another Arctic problem. As there are only very few insects, pollination can be a problem. The spider plant, as many other Arctic plants therefor not only rely on insects, but also have a way of asexual reproduction. In the case of the Spider Plant he produces runners, at the end of which can grow new plants. Genetically identical of course, but that’s always better as having no offspring at all…

2 comments on “Together”

  1. Nice shot……….

  2. Wonderful photograph. I bet fairies live there.

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