the weirdest place on earth

By: Arjen Drost

Sep 30 2012

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Category: nature, Photography, Polar, Scenery


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/800 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The cruises to East Greenland always end on Iceland, for logistic reasons. We leave the ship in Akureyri in northern Iceland and have to fly home from Keflavik Airport in the south-west. Normally I would have taken a plane bringing me to Keflavik, but as the group would take a bus ride through Iceland, stopping at several sites, I decided to jump along. It turned out to be a very long bus ride, with only a few very short stops. But it was still worth it, as I had never seen anything of Iceland except the airport and harbour of Keflavik.

Our first stop was at the hot springs of Hveravellir. Probably the strangest place I’ve ever been. The hour before we reached the place, we’ve been driving through the interior of Iceland, a dry, desert-like landscape with mountains and icecaps at the horizon. Suddenly we found ourselves in an oasis with green vegetation and hot, steaming springs. Really weird…

In this picture I’ve combined two parts of Iceland, the hot thermal springs and the large icecap at the horizon.


4 comments on “the weirdest place on earth”

  1. Just a bit reminiscent of our Yellowstone Park in the USA. Thermal pools with grand mountains in the distance.

  2. Great pic. Visited Iceland a couple of years ago and yes, it is pretty weird. Was impressed by the spectacular waterfalls and geysers, which would suddenly spurt without warning every few minutes.

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