Wild ones

By: Arjen Drost

Sep 28 2012

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Category: autumn, mammals, nature, Photography, Polar


Focal Length:600mm
Shutter:1/400 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Almost two years ago I went to Dovrefjell to take pictures of Muskoxen. I knew those animals were introduced animals that now live completely self-supporting and wasn’t bothered by that at all. It was still a great kick to find them and be able to photograph en film them. When we finally found some Muskoxen on Greenland (ones that truly belong there), I realised that this is more impressive. Unfortunately these animals were also a lot more shy as the ones we had in Norway. No way we could get anywhere near them. Not that much of a problem, I just took some pictures of animals on the autumn-coloured tundra.

4 comments on “Wild ones”

  1. Interesting creatures!

  2. How thrilling! Not too many folks get to see them in the wild.

  3. I was there several times but couldn’t capture one! Great shot!!! 🙂

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