It’s round!

By: Arjen Drost

May 18 2012

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Category: nature, Photography, Scenery, the Netherlands


Focal Length:15mm
Shutter:1/500 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Centuries ago people thought Earth was flat. And if you would sail far enough, you could fall over the edge… I don’t know where you would end in that case, but I’m sure it wasn’t good. After sailing over several oceans and seas I was already quite sure this wouldn’t happen and now this picture really shows Earth is round.

This picture is also taken with my new fish-eye lens. The main reason I bought this lens was to be able to capture wide landscapes like this in the Dutch Wadden Sea. In my opinion this picture is a bit too empty, the line of the water should be a bit stronger. Like I’ve said before, this is not an easy lens (but if I succeed, I’m sure the pictures will be great!).


3 comments on “It’s round!”

  1. hello there I have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award If you would like to accept it..get into this link and do something like what I did..have fun!!!

  2. absolutely love this.. : )

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