The big guys

By: Arjen Drost

Sep 11 2011

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Category: Birds, equipment, nature, Photography, the Netherlands

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Focal Length:600mm
Shutter:1/320 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II


Ok, I know, it’s the photographer that makes the picture, not the equipment. But having good equipment does help…. Last week I bought one of the big guys of Canon. The 500mm/f4 is probably the most commonly used tele lens nowadays. However I decided to go for the smaller 300mm/f2.8. A bit less mm’s, but also a lot more flexible. It has a lower weight and I can use it with a 1.4x extender (creating a 420mm/f4) or with a 2.0x extender (creating a 600mm/f5.6). And, when there is very little light, I have a 2.8 lens, something that was very useful in Finland last May.

Today was the first time I really used it, in the garden of my dad, taking pictures of birds visiting the feeder. After a while they got used to me and visited the feeder which was just a couple of meters away from me. This Nuthatch was feeding while hanging on a feeder with some nice backlight. Normally I don’t like pictures of birds on feeders that much, but I’m really happy with this one. I hope you like it too!


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