By: Arjen Drost

Jul 30 2011

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Category: mammals, nature, Photography, Polar


Focal Length:400mm
Shutter:1/250 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Spitsbergen Reindeer

For me this first week is mainly a week to relax. I don’t have many plans or things I really have to do, but it’s great to be here, experience the Arctic and enjoy the nice atmosphere of this campsite. And if a nice photo opportunity arises, I’ll definitely take it. When I returned from town, I saw a Spitsbergen Reindeer resting next to the campsite. I quickly took my camera and tripod and slowly approached it. The previous two reindeer on the campsite were feeding and moving slowly over the tundra. This meant I could just sit somewhere and let the animals approach me. This is often the best way, as the animals can decide themselves how close they want to get. In this case the reindeer was laying down, so I could wait a long time before it would get any closer to my. So I slowly approached the deer. Waiting now and then to let the animal get used to me and close to the ground, so I didn’t pose a threat to him. This worked out fine and at only a couple of meters I stopped. I took some pictures and filmed a little (even though the animal wasn’t very active) and really enjoyed being so close to such a nice animal. After 30 minutes I decided to retreat slowly so I could leave the Reindeer behind the way I found it. This procedure takes some time, but pictures of undisturbed animals are in my opinion always a lot nicer as ones where you can see the animal is stressed. And, even more important, it’s also a lot better for the animal, as they already have to survive under extreme circumstances.


65 comments on “Relaxing”

  1. Fantastic photo! Simply beautiful 🙂

  2. What a beautiful shot! 🙂

  3. Beautiful photograph!

  4. Beautiful shot! Reindeers are so pretty fluffy 🙂 I saw them last time in a Zoo here, but I m sure it s a great experience to see them outside 🙂

  5. Those antlers tell a story all by themselves, don’t they? Beautiful capture … love this photo.

  6. Beautiful picture!

  7. Mashallah, I’m confused if the Reindeer is a compliment to your photography or the other way round.

  8. What a beautiful beautiful animal! Great photographs.


  9. I really like your photos! They are so amazing! Where did you take these? Check out some of my photos and tell me what you think!

  10. Relaxing is so underrated. Everybody always talks about efficiency, productivity, how to do more in less time, but how will you ever be able to recognize all that without its counterpart? Relaxing can be meaningful and just as productive, it gives you time to calm down, to reflect, to ..relax.

  11. A beautiful shot of the reindeer. Your patience to slowly get close to it certainly paid off.

  12. lovely photograph 🙂
    captures real natural beauty.


  13. Great photo man, I’d love to get the chance to photograph a reindeer that close.

  14. great photo. peaceful. thanks for sharing!

  15. beautiful shots…congrats.

  16. Peaceful!

  17. Did you use any special lens for this picture?

  18. I’m really envious – I wish I could take beautiful photos like that!

  19. You’ve really managed to capture not only the deer but the sense of the Arctic. Well done and congrats on the fp!

  20. Fine photo, and your ethic of seeking to leave the animal undisturbed is one we all should emulate.

  21. Awesome photography!! 😀

  22. Wow amazing photo..It’s pure awesomeness.

  23. […] is a key ingredient if you want to take some great nature photos.  Arjen Drost of Natureview Photography offers advice while photographing wildlife in the Arctic, When I returned from town, I saw a Spitsbergen Reindeer resting next to the campsite. I quickly […]

  24. Nice shot of a beautiful animal! Congrats on being FP!

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  26. Bonjour, tes photos sont vraiment magnifiques … Continues ainsi 🙂

  27. Absolutely beautiful photography.. Really breathtaking beauty.. 🙂

  28. WOW…amazing…beautiful photographs!

  29. i liked the way u handle these beautiful creatures!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Excellent! Short and Sweet and also contained a valuable lesson on animals.Keep it up and All the Best!

  31. Beautiful, great photographs, great attitude. This is really a great opening to my morning.

  32. I love the light behind the antlers as if they are glowing and superb framing. This moment must have been breath taking.

  33. love the photo

  34. It’s great~~~

  35. WoW, i love it

  36. Holy cow, what a gorgeous picture! I’m glad you were able to get close enough to capture his beauty! Thank you for sharing!!

  37. Thanks everybody for the overwhelming reactions. Great to hear!


  38. great photo! it turned out as peaceful as you intended.

  39. He looks sooo content. You can see the happy in his eyes! The colours of this photograph are magnificent as well.

  40. This picture makes me happy.

  41. Awesome photo! It looks so peaceful.

  42. Amazing.

  43. Sitting down, the sport of kings.

  44. Nice shot…both of you were “relaxing”!

  45. BEAUTIFUL! Great shot.

  46. I love that you left the animal the same way you first spotted it. I recently did the same thing while snapping some pictures…though it was a rabbit along the side of the road, not an impressive reindeer. It still felt better than me pushing things by getting too close and scaring the rabbit into the brush.

  47. What a beautiful picture!

  48. beautiful…Could sense the scene…!

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