Rare birds

By: Arjen Drost

Jul 05 2011

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Category: Birds, nature, Photography

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Focal Length:400mm
Shutter:1/160 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

River Warbler

In earlier years I was quite a fanatic birder. Counting breeding birds, reading rings, twitching rare birds. Over the past years I lost more and more interest in birds and especially in chasing rare birds. Birds still can be interesting as long as I can take a nice picture, but I’m not interesting in investing a lot of time. Last weekend a River Warbler was found in the north of the city of Groningen. Today I decided to have a look, maybe I could take some pictures or even film or record the sound. When I arrived the bird was singing fanatically. After I took 3 pictures, it flew off and apparently thought it was enough for today. The next hour he didn’t show himself and hardly made any sound. So after that hour I decided it was enough and I went home. Maybe I’ll try another time later this week. Now I’ve tried once, I want to have some good pictures and film as well….


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