Evening light

By: Arjen Drost

May 12 2011

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Category: mammals, nature, Photography, spring


Focal Length:400mm
Shutter:1/125 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Mother and cubs

Ok, ok, one more of Tatyana, the female bear with four cubs. The last night I was in hide #1. Hide #1 is the only hide with openings to all directions. So wherever the action takes place, you always have the opportunity to take pictures of it. This is of course a big advantage, but also a major disadvantage. It means you can always take pictures, but also that you have to (well, at least want to) pay attention to all directions to see if there is any action going on. The last night I decided to only pay attention to two sides, the front and the right side. The other lens openings were more difficult to reach, and the distance would be quite big, so it was not likely to give any good pictures. But after a while I heard some noise coming from the left side. So I had a look what was happening there. I saw Tatyana walking there in a very nice setting with the forest in the back and the reflection below in beautiful evening light. So I had to take some pictures… With mother and cubs it’s always difficult to get a good composition, as you have suddenly 5 animals that should look the right way or do the right thing. This makes it quite hard to get an interesting shot. This one works out fine, I think. The lines of the trees, the evening light and 4 out of 5 cubs all looking into the same direction…

One of the special moments of that last evening.


3 comments on “Evening light”

  1. Leuke beren, mooie foto met die weerspiegeling. groetjes uit Eerbeek.

  2. Amazingly beautiful. In every respect. Colours and light are tingling. All of the bear photo´s are.

  3. I will follow your blog – it makes me feel good.

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