By: Arjen Drost

May 04 2011

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Category: mammals, Photography, Photography trip, spring


Focal Length:380mm
Shutter:1/59 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Brown Bear

As you could have read on my Dutch twitter account at the bottom of this page (or through @Natureview) I had a great night in a bear hide. The first bear showed up only an hour after we sat down. A bit far away (I should have picked another hide), but it was great to see a coloured bear for a change. The whole evening (from 5pm to darkness around 10pm) bears showed up all the time. Sometimes alone, once even with 4 together. Up close, at a distance, running, eating, chasing each other. Sometimes I didn’t know where to look or to take pictures.

At 10pm it was getting dark, so time to sleep a little. Around 4am I woke up, but the bears were asleep now. So after three hours of waiting I could finally leave the hide (after spending 14 hours in it) and go back to the lodge to see the results. Then came the challenge to pick one picture to show you, the result is shown above. More to come as I’ll be back in one of the hides tonight.

5 comments on “Awesome!!”


  2. Wow…!! Twitter gevolgd, gewacht op deze foto… 😀

  3. Pffff wat fraai en rag scherp wacht met spanning op nog meer van dit moois

  4. Geweldig!! Mazzelaar!

  5. Prachtig Arjen. Fijn dat het allemaal lukt. We volgen je bijna live vanuit NL. Veel plezier en gun jezelf wel een beetje nachtrust. Uiteraard gaat mijn hart sneller kloppen van jouw belevenissen. Bij wie zit je? Dirk-Jan

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