Watching grass move

By: Arjen Drost

Nov 20 2010

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Category: Dragonflies, insects, Macro, Photography, the Netherlands

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Focal Length:180mm
Shutter:1/8 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Siberian Winter Damsel

Today I went searching for dragonflies again. Not the most usual thing to do in November, but there are still two species around: the Brown and the Siberian Winter Damsels. The latter is rare in the Netherlands, but I know a few places where they winter. Finding them isn’t that easy (at least in winter) as they can’t fly anymore when the temperature is below 13°C, so they just sit and imitate a straw of Purple Moor Grass. Something they’re very good at, so we have to keep on looking, plant after plant. If it’s warmer as 8°C, they are still able to move a little, turning away from you, hiding behind their straw. This movement makes them a little easier to spot, however their hiding technique itself makes it a little harder again… Fortunately we found one quite soon already and a bit later two more. I’m always amazed how these tiny insects can survive the cold winter…

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