Mother and calf

By: Arjen Drost

Jul 28 2010

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Category: mammals, Polar

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Focal Length:420mm
Shutter:1/160 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Swimming Beluga

Beluga’s are always extremely difficult to photograph. First of all they are extremely shy, taking off as soon as you approach them, secondly you often don’t see much more as an off white back in the water and lastly we don’t see them often. This cruise turned out to be slightly different. We saw many different groups, already starting when the first passengers  boarded the ship. The last group turned out to be the best. We just arrived at the edge of a small cliff when someone shouted “Beluga!”. And there they were, 10m below us, a nice group of Beluga’s. This mother and calf were swimming together and I took the opportunity to take this picture where the mother is swimming just below the surface, while the calf just surfaces. Despite being only a few years old, the calf has already quite some scars on its back, probably caused by ice.


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