“Sinterklaas”-present mark II

By: Arjen Drost

Dec 24 2009

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Category: equipment, Photography


Canon EOS 5D mark II

Woehaa, today I went to buy my new camera body!! A Canon EOS 5D mark II! Thanks to a generous donation by “Sinterklaas” I was able to buy this one a bit earlier as hoped. The 5DmkII isn’t a replacement for my old 40D, but more a body next to it. It’s full frame body, which makes it very good for landscapes and macro, but less for action (I’ll miss the crop-factor and the speed).

A quick first impression while the batteries are charging: Great feel, huge view finder, nice sound to it. Can’t wait to start taking pictures (and movies!!) with it. Unfortunately it’s dark outside now, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Then I’ll be back with the first results.


4 comments on ““Sinterklaas”-present mark II”

  1. ikke ook joepie

  2. Congratulation.

  3. Wauw! Goed man 🙂

  4. super!!!

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