The ghosts are back!

By: Arjen Drost

Mar 01 2009

Category: Birds

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During the past days there have been many sightings of Common Cranes in the southern and eastern parts of the Netherlands. This made me think back of the excursion in Diepholz, Germany. Large groups Cranes were feeding on the fields then. During the winter they had moved south, towards France or Spain. Now they’re moving back north, to their breeding grounds in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. With some easterly winds their migration routes just touch the eastern part like this week. As I was in Eibergen, I hoped to find a few Cranes myself. Yesterday we tried, without succes. Today we went towards the Zwillbrocker Venn, a moor area just across the border in Germany. While driving around a little, I suddenly saw a group of large birds flying in a v-shape. I quickly stopped the car, grabbed my bins and indeed, a large group of Cranes. The light still isn’t good, but this was a chance I didn’t want to miss. A quick count learned that there were 95 in the group. They weren’t flying very high so I could grab a few flight shots before they were gone again.

A short sighting, but its always great to hear and see those magnificent birds. For more pictures, see this months gallery.

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